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09/04/14: Making History!! CastleGuard's High Voltage Wins in Italy, Spain and the French Nationals!
05/20/14: CastleGuard Champions
of 2013 & 2014
04/04/12: Beeder of the Year!

CastleGuard Cane COrso, AKC Breeder of Merit!

CastleGuard's outstanding accomplishments in 2011 include CCAA Breeder of the Year (Both Conformation and Working), and 14 AKC Championships!

CastleGuard is unique among Corso breeders. It is important to us that all those that are thinking about purchasing a Corso are fully informed about the aspects of this complex breed; both the positives and negatives. This breed is NOT for everyone and we feel the responsibility to educate the public should come first.

We have packed this site with educational material to help you determine whether the Cane Corso is the right breed for you. We have shared insight about the Corso’s temperament, training, & social needs; the health concerns you need to be aware of BEFORE you buy and information about the breed in general. Please take the time to read each page.

Of course our site also contains an up close and personal look at our superior dogs, CastleGuard’s accomplishments, our family and friends that love the breed so dearly, and our unique breeding philosophy.

Once again, Welcome!

CastleGuard is set apart because of our accomplishments, not our words. Over the last 17 years our breeding program has consistently been raising the bar.  The Cane Corso is more than a hobby; it is the DeMoss family passion. Excellence does not come easy.  

We traveled the country of origin extensively in the early years, gathering knowledge of the historic dogs and their breeders. Long before it was common practice to import, we were forging the way.

Our program was one of the first in the US to achieve 100% certified hips in our breeding stock. Now with generations of hip testing as our foundation, we have greatly bettered the odds against Hip Dysplasia.

In our tireless efforts to produce the finest Corsos in the world, we have produced countless Champions, 2 Working Dogs of the Year, set the record for number of Grand Championships achieved in 1 year, set the record for number of Reproduction Championships achieved in 1 year, produced the top Best in Show winning Female Corso of all time.   It was a CastleGuard dog that won the first weight pulling medal in a National competition in the US. It was a CastleGuard dog who earned the first BH title and that earned the first Flyball titles in the US.

Our daughters have set the record as the youngest handlers to earn top honors at the National Specialty; which include Best of Breed, Award of Merit, Best of Winners, Winners Bitch and Best Junior Puppy wins.

CastleGuard swept the 2009 CCAA Nationals, capturing 5 of the 8 top winning spots. A CastleGuard dog won the 2010 SACCI Nationals and Jade and a 6 month old puppy won Best of Winners at the CCAA 2010 Nationals.  It was a CastleGuard Dog that earned the very first AKC Grand Championship for a Corso and then went on to be the top winning Corso in the AKC for 2010.

We stepped our game in 2011; our Corsi winning a record setting 14 AKC Championships and multiple other working and conformation titles. We were thrilled that these efforts earned us the most prestigious awards in the Corso community: CCAA Breeder of the Year (Both conformation and working.)

CastleGuard is always striving for excellence but we are not satisfied yet. We are determined to produce better quality dogs with every litter and in doing so, it’s almost a guarantee our list of prestigious accomplishments will only grow longer!

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