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CastleGuard salutes Antico Cane Corso

We have been blessed with wonderful clients over the years; some work their dogs, some show them and some are just the world’s best puppy dog petters :).  But once in a while we get an over achiever that does all three and I think that its worth mentioning.

Patrick and Katie at Antico own two of our dogs; Leona and Titan and from the first moment they made the commitment to accomplishment great things with them. Not only have they earned their conformation titles, but they are earning working titles as well. The cool thing is they are just getting started and there will be more titles to come! 

We at CaslteGuard Salute Antico for their great achievements in the breed in such a short time. Keep up the good work, guys. We are proud of you!!

leonaICCF & Master ARBA CH CastleGaurd Leona,titian

 CGC, CD, RN, RA and 1 leg short of RE


ICCF, ARBA, Rarities CH CaslteGuard Titan – CCAA Working Dog of the Year 2009

CGC, CD, RN, RA and working toward CDX

1 comment to CastleGuard salutes Antico Cane Corso

  • Eric Gustafson

    i just wanted to take a moment to offer a laypersons response to your opinion.

    After doing much research on different breeders, (Castleguard inclusive) and visiting several in person, I made arrangements to meet Patrick, Kate, Leona and Max in person. i drove from Seattle to make the visit. To say that I was mightily impressed would be a gross understatement. Even during phone conversations both Patrick and Kate were open, informative and personable.

    Upon my arrival they were welcoming and cheerful. They entertained me for several hours, introducing me to Max, Titan, Leona, Storm, Reba and two litters of pups. It was very clear that Patrick had a very high appreciation and deep sense of responsibility for every animal on their place with a special, and very high regard for the magnificent Titan. Kate demonstrated a remarkable repoire with all the dogs and for their age the older litter responded to her in a manner seldom witnessed by regular dog lovers like myself.
    All canines were well groomed and fed. Their facilities were impeccably clean.
    Above all, the temperment of all these beautiful beasts was remarkable. Patrick and Kate’s assurances that I was no threat and in fact a friendly visitor, was accepted by all and i made such good contacts with all the adult dogs that I found it very difficult to be on my way so that the happy family could get back to celebrating Patrick’s birthday.
    There can be no question that the good work of Castleguard was on display and credit must go to you as well.
    I left a deposit for a pup from Leona’s next litter and it is with expectations of a long and growing relationship with Antico Cane Corso that I look forward to the whelping.
    Many thanx to you for the opportunity to throw in my opinion. In closing I should say that communications of support from Antico continue and that they remarked that Castleguard has lent continuing support for them as well. So it is that my hat is off to Castleguard just as it is to Antico Cane Corso. Count on the Gustafson family for bragging on folks we hope to one day meet in person.

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