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CastleGuard Diego wins the SACCI Nationals!

Diego was chosen as Best of Breed at the SACCI Nationals in Ohio.  World famous Italian Breeder and Judge, Mariano Di Chicco, chose Diego out of 74 Corsos.

Thanks to Derek Matson for once again using his great handling skills to show the world that CastleGuard dogs are truly at the pinnacle of the breed!


3 comments to CastleGuard Diego wins the SACCI Nationals!

  • Mike Burgwald

    I tuly must! Give you and your many years of breeding the Cane Corso italiano my hat off, to you and your outstanding job with this breed.
    As I am well known and in some case, known as a house hold name in the Corso world, I must say Diego was my dog of choice to win.
    I could not be more happy for you and your family, as always Shauna, you and your program has truly help set the path in the US, for this breed we both so love, and hold close to our hart.


  • craig rachal

    I just what to say congratluations,and you have the nices cane corsos out there.

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