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CastleGuard Stardust wins at 2010 Nationals!

At just 6 months, CastleGuard StarDust triumphed over all the older class dogs to win Winners Bitch and on to Best of Winners at the 2010 CCAA Nationals.  It was her first time off the farm and boy are we proud she did so well at such a very young age.  

Looks like yet another CastleGuard corso is heading for the history books.  Congrats to our Jade for an awesome job handling our star puppy.

Nat2010StarJadewin Nat2010Starstand







4 comments to CastleGuard Stardust wins at 2010 Nationals!

  • Shauna

    Well your photos are a lifesaver as I walked out of the house this year without my camera! If it wasn’t for others, we wouldn’t have any photos!

    Thanks again!

  • She is SUCH a beautiful pup, and I’m flattered you used my photos!

  • Shauna

    Molly, it was delightful to meet you. Its nice to know that folks notice what our dogs are accomplishing! You are welcome to visit us anytime!

  • Molly Wilson

    Congratulations again on StarDust’s wins! It was so great meeting you at Nationals, thank you for taking the time to chat with us crazy fans! Hopefully someday I’ll be more than “just” a fan of the breed ;P

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