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Fun at the Nationals 2010

Our family had a blast this year at Nationals.  Jade and Taylor showed better than they ever have. I was so proud of them.  The atmosphere was laid back and it was wonderful for us to see our Corso family again. We met lots of great new people and we look forward to building friendships with them as well. 


Team CastleGuard at the awards banquet.We received all the awards from 2009; an incredible year for us. Merle will have  to build a room to hold them all!




Taylor with some of the dogs she showed.










     I may be prejudiced; but I think my girls are the most lovely and gracious in the Corso world :)






I’d like to introduce Midas’s biggest fan.. Molly. She is absolutely a doll and we are proud to have
her in CastleGuard’s fan club!






Check back for additional photos as I gather them.

2 comments to Fun at the Nationals 2010

  • Shauna

    The girl has the eye. I thank her very much for caring about how the dog looks. Like I siad, anytime she want to come and learn more, she is welcome.

  • I have to agree about your girls. You have every reason to be proud! Funny story…when I was posting the pics to facebook I was looking for the picture of Molly and Midas that was the cutest shot of HER…but she came along and said “the other one is better of Midas!” and made me post that one. LOL!! Not your average girl…

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