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New Grand Champion/Top Winning Female of all time!

Nikki & Mike celebrating after winning the 20th Best in ShowAfter winning the Nationals the owners of CastleGuard Nicoletta di Sogni, Jim & Sandy Stigliano, decided that she should be campaigned in the show ring.  Since Nikki was basically an “unknown” dog and walked away with the Nationals, murmurs were heard though out the Corso Community that maybe her win was a fluke.  So the Stiglianos placed Nikki with one of the community’s top handlers, Mike Ertaskiran President of the CCAA.  Over the summer of 2009 Mike and Nikki vanquished all doubt that Nikki is one of the finest Corsos to ever glide around the ring.  Mike and Nikki dominated most of the shows they attended; winning countless Best of Breeds and 20 Best in Show Wins.  A feat unheard of for a Female Corso.  In only 5 months Nikki became the top winning female of all time AND won her second Regional making her one of only a handful Corsos to achieve a Grand Championship.

CastleGuard’s Nikki has the epitome of perfect Corso movement. In all my years in the breed, I have yet to see any Corso move like she does.

nikki2ARBA nikkinikk5

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