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Available Cane Corso puppies

Before considering a Corso, Please read what it takes to raise one:

Please read Our sales policy page for prices:  

Now screening clients for spring puppies! We recommend placing your deposit early. 


Izzy is bred to Vader – puppies born Jan 29th – limited availability.




Kodi is bred to Vino – puppies due mid april



Planned litters for later Spring/summer include:

Saturn to Crom



Heath certificates for parents of current litters:

vino pennhiphearts and elbows 2017VaderPenvader heartElbowsizzypenn









(Note, some litters are collaborations with breeding partners and are whelped in their homes. But be assured that the same great care you have come to expect from us will be taken with each litter.  It’s all part of our networking with other breeders to advance the breed and produce the very best Corsi possible)


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