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CastleGuard Midas wins SACCI MidWest Regional/dominates the Ohio show

Midas2We sent CastleGuard Midas out to visit Derek Matson for a month with the hopes of him earning his third championship; Rarities.  Derek got Midas 1 day before the show, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. Derek and Midas dominated the Rarities show  hosting the SACCI regional; winning 4 Best of Breeds and one Opposite out of 7 shows.  Midas not only won the Regional, but went on to win two Best in Shows and earn enough points ( this show was huge) to earn his Rarities CH in one weekend.

Midas has often been lost in the shadow of his Big Brother , Diego and his sister, Nikki.  But he sure proved that given a chance to be on his own, he is a winning machine!! Thanks to our dear freind Derek for adding yet another title to Midas’s name!!

3 comments to CastleGuard Midas wins SACCI MidWest Regional/dominates the Ohio show

  • Hope you remember us! Midas is still my favorite. Don’t give up on us – still intend to put a deposit down on a pup – male, large boned fawn w/dark muzzle – show quality. Sounds like ordering a new car – Hah! That would be optimum. I need to call you soon w/more questions b4 we order – not breed questions – just clarification on us meeting your kennel expectations. You’ve got beautiful Corsos!

  • Harry

    Great site and beautiful dogs, im thinking about getting one my self soon. Maybe ill contact you in the future =)

  • Chris Cummings

    Great new website. Very cool. Great looking dog with his size and mass. He looks very thick and athletic.

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