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How much angulation?

The AKC Cane Corso standard calls for moderate angulation.  This is often confusing. How much is too much? How much is too little?

The rule of thumb in determining proper angulation:

The hocks must be placed in the correct 90% angle with the ground.  In this position a perpendicular line goes from point of buttock to the toes. Over angulation (when the toes are far behind the line) forces the leg too far back, in order to have the hocks in the correct 90 degree angle with the ground; this is a severe fault.  Straight in the stifle (when the line goes through the back of the hock and the back of the foot) is a very common fault in the Corso.  “Straight as Table legs” are not desirable either.  A Corso has less angulation than some working breeds.  Remember - straight line from point of buttocks to toes is the measurement for the correct amount of angulation in the breed. 

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