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Do you have what it takes to own a Cane Corso?
Cane Corso Ownership Requirements:

If you are considering adding a Cane Corso to your life, there are some very important guidelines and requirements you need to possess. If you cannot say “yes” to all of these points, a Corso is probably not for you.

  1. The Corso is a dominant, guardian breed and are not for the first time dog owner.  They should only be considered by a person or family unit that is confident, assertive and understands pack hierarchy. Any potential owner needs to understand that dominate guardian breed may exhibit bossy, even aggressive behaviors at times when growing up. Owner needs to understand how to read and correct this behavior.  

  2. The Corso needs room to play and the correct kind of containment.  They require a secure, 6 foot high, heavy duty fenced in area that is NOT accessible by anyone but the family.   They are NEVER to be left unsupervised outside of their containment area. This protects the dog from accidental contact with those that are not Corso savvy and avoids unpleasant incidences. They are Not an apartment dog.  Leaving a Corso crated in the house all day, creates health and temperament problems and should not be done.  However, the Corso puppy should be crate trained.

  3. The Corso requires a tremendous amount of socialization and training.  Potential owners must be able and dedicated to take the pup out with them to training and socialization twice a week or more.

  4. The Corso is an up-close and personal type of dog.  He bonds very closely with his family. If the owner is gone more than 10 hours a day for work, most of the week, the Corso is probably not the dog for that owner.

  5. A Corso is an indoor dog.  They long to be with their people and don’t do well isolated.

  6. A Corso should be the only puppy in the house.  Corsi need to bond with their family, not another puppy.  If two puppies bond to each other, a Corso is too independent and aloof on the owner.  This is a disaster. If they don’t bond to the family, they are less likely to be obedient and compliant to their owners.   There should be a minimum of 8 months between puppies in a Corso home.  A home should never have more than 2 dogs, running together unsupervised, that are a dominant, guardian breed.

  7. Anyone considering a Corso must make sure they are ready to make a lifelong commitment to the dog. The Corso is extremely devoted to its family/owner.  It does not transfer well.  To lose their family, breaks their heart. Therefore if you are not in a stable place in your life, wait until you are to get a puppy. If you are in the military and there is a chance that you will be deployed, wait until your return to get a Corso. 

  8. Color should NEVER be a factor when determining which Corso is best for you.  A Corso puppy needs to be chosen based on correct temperament for you, health and correct type. 

  9. If there are children in the home, kids and dogs should not ever be left unattended. Proper boundaries are to be taught to both children and puppy. Owner must be willing to spend the time and be consistent to ensure the relationship between puppy and children is correct.

  10. Puppy kindergarten and basic Obedience class is a must!! The Corso is a large breed and needs to be under control at all times. Owner needs to be prepared to set aside time to personally take the puppy to class for socialization and training.  

  11. The Corso isn’t Cheap to keep!  Anyone considering buying a Corso should realize that it is not inexpensive to buy top quality food, afford secure containment, attend obedience classes and seek proper Vet care for your dog. Buyer should be financially stable with sufficient disposable income before considering a Corso.
For further info regarding training and what to expect, please read our training page here:

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