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Why Crop??

There seems to be a big push by certain groups right now to eliminate the cropping of ears, docking of tails and the removal of dewclaws.  Europe has already fallen to these notions. But the problem is that these groups have based their opinions on misinformation.  Most of the time these ideas are formed and repeated by people not even involved with the dog fancy; without the extensive knowledge of the canine itself. They are based on what people feel is cruel. But sadly they are campaigning in error to the determent of the dogs.

If you are struggling with this issue please consider the truths of the situation.  Mother Nature has perfectly designed the animals in her world to be effective and prosper.  It is apparent that each animal has adaptations and structure designed to enable that animal to live well and reproduce.  That being said, the realization that 99.9% of all the mammals inn Nature have erect ears should give us pause…  Why?

After all there must be some reason most of the warm blooded animals on the planet share this trait. So, hold this thought while we examine the dog and why many breeds have floppy ears; the answer in one word… man. 

The domestic dog, in all its different varieties are genetically engineer by man.  Over the course of ten thousand years we have taken the dog and changed it to fit our every need and whim.  This includes changing Mother Nature’s style of ears.  But what harm could that possibly bring to a dog, having its ears pendulous?  Well, little beasties (parasites, yeast and others) LOVE warm, dark places that are still and quiet.  What better place to thrive than inside a dog’s ear that has a flap of heavy skin to protect it for the air, sunlight and water?  It’s common knowledge that dogs with floppy ears suffer more with such issues than dogs with Natures design; erect ears.   Standing ears have the advantage of allowing air and sun and water into them. It's harder for parasites to thrive in such a hostile environment. 

Maintaining the health of a working dog was and is critical. Cropping the ears is and was one ways to protect the dog’s health.   Erect ears are generally healthier.  Not only does an erect ear hedge against parasites, but in the course of the dog performing its duties, smaller ears are more difficult for other animals to bite or people to grip.  Because the capillaries are so close to the surface in the ear, when wounded they bleed.  If the blood gets in the dogs eyes, it can hinder their ability to perform and may even endanger and render them helpless.  Cropping the ear virtually eliminates the possibility that a part of the dog’s own body could be used to immobilize it.   This is another reason Mother Nature gives her animals erect ears. Pendulous ears would give “handles” to grip and leverage to pull down. Imagine how much easier it would be for a predator to grab and pull down a dear that had dangling ears.

So the fact is that cropping a dog’s ears is NOT cruel but is actually restoring it back to a natural state. It’s safer and healthier for the dog.

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